Muscle spasm, fascial adhesions, and scar tissue are very common sources of pain and limited range of motion. We use the Vibracussor percussion instrument to quickly and efficiently treat these types of problems.

The VibraCussor is a percussion based massage instrument that is different from common massagers in that it uses a piston-like up and down movement rather than a vibrating movement. It creates waves of compression that penetrate deep through the tissues to the affected muscles and fascia, allowing the instrument to quickly release fascial adhesions, relax tight muscles, and increase lymph flow and circulation throughout the area. The frequency of the percussion can also be adjusted in order to target specific tissues and tissue depths.


Fascia is the thick connective tissue that surrounds the body’s muscles. However, stress and strain from injury, overuse, or surgery can cause the fascia to become tight and fascial adhesions can form that can be felt under as knots in the muscles. These adhesions can trap nerves and restrict blood flow and movement of the muscles, which puts the body out of balance. Tightness in muscles and adhesions in fascia can result in poor posture, restricted range of motion, and chronic pain.

The VibraCussor can be effective in treating a variety of conditions including fascial adhesions, myofascial trigger points, joint fixation (particularly of the spine, shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee and foot), frozen shoulder, TMJ (jaw) problems, and plantar fasciitis. With VibraCussor treatment, nervous system stress is released, scar tissue is broken down, muscle spasms are reduced, and blood circulation is encouraged. This helps to reduce musculoskeletal pain and allows the patient to move and function better on a daily basis.

The Vibracussor is a favorite with our patients as most find it very relaxing as it relieves muscle tightness and helps make their chiropractic adjustments much easier and more effective. Simply put, most patients just want to take the Vibracussor home with them.