Your results indicate you are at high risk for Thyroid Disease.

Dear friend,

Based on your results it is almost certain that you have a problem with your Thyroid. I’m going to explain why you may be having these symptoms and I'm going to tell you exactly what you can do this week to confirm your diagnosis.

When you have a Thyroid problem, it can cause weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, brain fog, trouble concentrating, anxiety, depression, constipation, high cholesterol, and even infertility.

But here’s what you probably didn’t realize…

It doesn’t have to be this way! (if you can get the right diagnosis and the right treatment)

The problem is that almost all doctors have been taught to run a single test called TSH to diagnose Thyroid disease. But in reality, there are at least SEVEN Thyroid tests needed to conclusively determine if you have Thyroid disease:

  • TSH, Total T4, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, Thyroid peroxidase antibodies, and Thyroglobulin antibodies

If you haven’t had these tests, then there’s a really good chance you may have a problem that has gone undiagnosed, potentially leaving you untreated, overweight, and exhausted.

What’s worse is that once diagnosed, most doctors will simply prescribe you a medication with the goal of a normal TSH level. Your lab results are given higher priority than how you are actually feeling and nothing is done to resolve the underlying cause of your problem.

The result? A lifetime of medication and follow-up appointments instead of a short period of treatment and a return to normal life.

Possibly the most alarming fact of all is…

Many people don’t realize that most Thyroid problems are the result of an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s disease. What this means is that your immune system is attacking and slowly destroying your Thyroid gland.

Many people also have normal Thyroid hormone levels,  but still suffer from Thyroid symptoms.

This is not due to a lack of hormones. It is because of cellular inflammation and it is the reason why most people with Thyroid symptoms can’t lose weight, don’t have any energy, and just don’t feel well. Issues at the cellular level such as inflammation and oxidation prevent your Thyroid hormones from actually working and NO amount of medication can fix this issue!

It’s kind of like trying to pour gas into your car with the gas cap still on. You can keep pouring on the gas, but it is not getting to the engine to be burned. This is what happens to your hormones when you have cellular inflammation and for many, this is they never get well.

Fortunately for you, there is a test that can measure cellular inflammation and it is 50x more accurate than a blood test. I offer this test in my office and if this test was $1,000 it would be well worth it, because it can finally show the cause of your symptoms.

Because I have had so much success in helping people with Thyroid conditions, I want to give you an opportunity to find out why you are not feeling well.

I’m giving you the opportunity to receive all the testing listed above: TSH, Total T4, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, Thyroid peroxidase antibodies, Thyroglobulin antibodies, and the in-office test for cellular inflammation.

Most doctors will never run a complete panel like this and while you could buy these online through Direct Labs… It would cost you $189 and you still might miss your problem because they don’t have access to tests that will measure your levels of cellular inflammation.

I’m offering you a personal consultation and the testing all for only $75 ($125 without insurance)

I’m offering this to you at my cost because if you have a Thyroid problem, I know that I can help you feel like yourself again. If you have a problem and you like the solution I have to offer, then we can talk about working together long term to help you get your life back and more importantly to teach you how to stay well for the rest of your life.

So, if you like the idea of looking and feeling good again, here’s what to do next:

Apply for your personal consultation and testing with me, Dr. Steve Hyjek. I will help you discover the root cause of your symptoms and help you put your health back in your hands.

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As much as we’d love to help everybody, there’s obviously a limited amount of these discounted visits that we can do, so slots will be afforded on a first-come, first-serve basis for those that qualify.

So, if you want your energy back, want to feel good about your weight, want to think clearly, and want to enjoy life again, then don’t procrastinate.

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Here's what you will get:

  • A 15-minute consultation to review your case and answer any questions
  • Comprehensive blood Thyroid panel (at least $189 value)
  • In-office cellular inflammation testing (priceless!)

I look forward to speaking with you,

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Meet Dr Steve Hyjek

Dr. Steve Hyjek is a Functional Medicine expert specializing in thyroid conditions with an emphasis in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. His approach involves taking the time to learn about your condition. He combines conventional lab testing with advanced diagnostic testing that is not yet available in most medical clinics to determine exactly what is causing his patients complaints. Using only natural treatment methods he routinely helps his patients get well even when other doctors have been unable to help.

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