Your results indicate you are at low risk for Thyroid Disease.

Dear friend,

Based on your results, your chances of having thyroid disease are fairly low.

Thyroid Disease has not been entirely ruled out though, so it's usually a good idea to screen yourself for Thyroid Disease even if you have only one symptom.

If you have been previously diagnosed with thyroid disease or if you're worried that you might, then your symptoms seem to be well controlled.

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Either way, congratulations on your results and keep up the good work!


Meet Dr Steve Hyjek

Dr. Steve Hyjek is a Functional Medicine expert specializing in thyroid conditions with an emphasis in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. His approach involves taking the time to learn about your condition. He combines conventional lab testing with advanced diagnostic testing that is not yet available in most medical clinics to determine exactly what is causing his patients complaints. Using only natural treatment methods he routinely helps his patients get well even when other doctors have been unable to help.

Reviews from a couple of our Thyroid patients