Heather Hyjek is a certified Wellness Coach and expert Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. For more than a decade, Heather has carefully crafted her practice to utilize a combination of both lifestyle and energy coaching with massage to help each individual she serves, achieve enhanced levels of mental, emotional and physical wellness. Recognizing the effects that the mind/body connection has on overall health and wellness, Heather uses a wide variety of specialized techniques in order to educate clients on precisely how to channel their energy so they can develop constructive action plans toward their individual goals. By guiding clients on their journey to discovering their “inner voice”, and tuning in to their intuitive core, clients are able to achieve deeper levels of clarity in both their personal and professional lives. Through Heather’s innate ability to “connect” with each and every person she meets, along with her radiant, magnetic energy, clients nationwide regularly seek out Heather and her services. Her positive, compassionate approach truly allows each individual she works with to experience a renewed perspective through rejuvenating the connection they have with their essential seven senses.

Pairing her distinctive coaching practice with the art of Thai Yoga Massage, Heather assists clients in clearing toxic blocks of energy while restoring range of motion and alleviating tension within the body. Following Heather’s initial Thai Yoga Massage Training, Heather traveled to Thailand where she spent time perfecting her practice with two of the best Thai Masters in the world. This once in a lifetime experience allowed her to create a distinctive massage practice that has become an integral part of her clientele’s total body wellness regimen in conjunction with her life coaching.

Heather completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Psychology, Public Health, and African Development. Her focus in Psychology and Public Health has contributed a great deal to her ability to effectively coach people towards their health and wellness goals. Deeply committed to helping others, Heather applied, and was one of the only practitioners chosen to work in a hospital, in Kenya, Africa. There she served people of great need, while the overall experience contributed to the compassion she has for others.

•B.S. in Psychology, Public Health, and African Development

Education and Certifications:
•Womblifting & Herbal Therapies at Baan Hom Samunphrai: Chiang Mai, Thailand 2013
•Pregnancy & Baby Massage at Ong’s Thai Massage School: Chiang Mai, Thailand 2013
•Thai Massage at Baan Hom Samunphrai: Chiang Mai, Thailand 2013
•Thai Massage with Master Pichest Boonthumme: Hang Dong, Thailand 2013
•300 Hour Registered Thai Practitioner Training & Certificate Program at Thai Yoga Bodywork 2011-2012
•Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI), Registered Thai Therapist Certification in 2011
•Certificate of Advanced Wellness Training at Creating Wellness Alliance (CWA) 2009
•Certificate of Corporate Wellness Training at CWA 2009
•Intrinsic Coaching for Health & Effectiveness at Totally Coached, Inc., 2008
•Certified Creating Wellness Professional at CWA 2008
•Lifetime University, Membership Sales Training 2005
•Bachelor of Individualized Studies concentrations in Public Health (focus on nutrition), Psychology, and African Development 2004