golf-fitnessIf you are serious about golf, or just want to enjoy the game pain free, you need an expert. Our golf training in golf performance separates us from the average golf, medical, and fitness professional. Trained through the Titleist Performance Institute, we are one of a select few in the world to hold both the TPI Level 1 and TPI Level 2 Medical Professional Certification.

We use the latest in golf-specific health and fitness. Expertise in golf swing biomechanics, physical screening techniques, exercise prescriptions, and the most recent research and development in golf swing analysis allows us to identify and eliminate any physical restriction limiting your potential.

If you have pain our medical training is essential. We can easily identify golf-specific injuries and injury inducing swing mechanics. Using a cutting edge detailed medical evaluation called the SFMA – Selective Functional Movement Analysis – we can isolate the cause of your injury.

Previously reserved for the best golfers in the world, this type of analysis gives us a “total picture” of your body and swing, and allows us to create an individualized program that will seamlessly integrate into your existing PGA or LPGA professional’s instruction to reach another level of performance.

Our golf performance program consists of the following:

Video Swing Analysis: We use computerized video analysis to evaluate your body mechanics and identify your specific swing faults.

The Titleist Performance Institute Physical Exam: In order to swing like a pro, your body needs to be able to perform certain movements. Your swing faults will correlate with what your body can and cannot do. You need strength, stability, flexibility, and balance. We isolate and evaluate all the specific movement patterns needed to swing efficiently.

Your Customized Workout: Based on the results of your swing analysis and your exam, we will prescribe you a completely individualized workout program to help to you break through your body’s current limitations.

Reassessment: Following the completion of your workout program, we will re-evaluate your swing and we will do a physical reexamination so that we can evaluate your progress.

As your body is able to perform at a higher level, you will swing much more efficiently. The result is usually more distance and better consistency to your game. Now all you need to do is work on your short game. Unfortunately, we can’t help you there!