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If you ever felt like it was impossible to find a ‘skilled doctor’ that listens and can actually help you, this could be the most important page you ever read…

Of course you don’t want to feel sick anymore. But you’re probably confused, frustrated, and don’t know who to turn to.

The first step is knowing what to look for.

Here Are Four Strategies That Never Work
Yet Most People Still Try…

1. Using medications as your only treatment: Counting on medications as your only way to address your health problem is a sure-fire way to get sicker in the long run. While medications can be helpful in reducing symptoms, they rarely address the underlying cause of the problem allowing it to get progressively worse over time. Plus, almost all of them have side effects and many deplete your body of key nutrients.

2. Relying on diet alone: Improving your diet is one of the most important things you can do, but it is rarely the only solution. There are usually many other root causes causing your health problems and left untreated the diet changes will only get you so far.

3. Treatments based on symptoms: Everybody seems to want a quick fix. Treating symptoms with medications is most common, but people do it with natural treatments as well. Many people struggling to find solutions to their problem will say things like, “It seems like I have candida. I’ll do a candida cleanse”.

Many “natural practitioners” only treat based on symptoms as well. But, instead of medications they just use diets and nutritional supplements. They might say something like “It sounds like you have a Thyroid problem. Here’s a great supplement for Thyroid problems”.  The problems is that even if you actually do have a Thyroid problem, it could be happening for many different reasons.  Without proper testing you really have no idea what the underlying problems are that need to be treated, so you are not really addressing the root cause of the problem and they are not giving you personalized care.

4. Performing the wrong tests: Running only a few basic level tests like cholesterol and TSH may indicate that you have a problem, but they usually tell you nothing about what is causing the problem. What’s worse is that most doctors treat problems like these without ever knowing the cause of the problem. I’ve seen people treated for years for Hypothyroidism while the autoimmune condition they have continued to destroy their thyroid gland. What else do you think could happen after 20 years of treating something without addressing the actual problem? (Or even knowing what the problems is!)

Three Signs Your Doctor Can Help You Get Better, Even When Others Have Already Tried…

1. They test multiple body systems: Specialists are great, but looking at only one system is very limiting. The body’s systems are intimately connected. Testing multiple body systems tells how everything is working together.

The hormone system, digestive system, detoxification system, immune system, and neurological system are vital to your health and are intimately connected. Leaving one system out of the equation can leave you frustrated and unable to regain the level of health you’re trying to reach.

Through proper lab testing a skilled practitioner can help determine how each system is working and how each system is affecting the other systems. With this knowledge you can specifically target the areas that need to be corrected to rebalance your body.

If you had this kind of testing, you probably wouldn’t still be struggling. Advanced saliva, stool, and blood testing can check for deeper root cause issues that may be preventing you from being well.

2. They focus on the highest leverage factor: When you have complex health issues, you usually have many different sets of symptoms. Chasing after all of them can be an expensive and frustrating task.

There is usually a limiting factor that needs to be corrected in order for you to get well. Great doctors know how to find these limiting factors that are preventing you from being well.

3. They treat YOU as YOU: You are different from every other person on this planet. Your lifestyle, your environment, and your genetics are completely unique to you.

Why does medicine treat everyone with a certain disease the same way? We think there is a better way! We listen in order to learn who you are and what is important to you, we personalize your testing, and we personalize your care. Nobody ever gets the same thing.

How do you think your health would improve in this type of model?

I Would Like to Personally Help You Find Exactly What is Causing Your Problems and Guide You Step by Step Towards Regaining Your Health.

I have helped hundreds of people regain their health. Many of them with frustrations that may be similar to yours. Most of my patients have seen other doctors with little to no improvement and some come to me when they have nearly lost hope.

My approach is very different and my goal is to reverse your condition if possible, not to help to you manage it for the rest of your life. Through this approach I have helped many people regain their hope, their health, and their way of life.

If you’re ready to work with a doctor that listens to you and is laser focused on finding out what is wrong with you, then sign up below.

I promise to give you my full attention and commitment to helping you get better.

In fact, I'm even going to offer you a free phone consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together longer term.

We'll get on the phone for about 10-15 minutes so you can tell me exactly what's going with your health and I'll let you know if I think I can help. If I do, I'll give you an overview of how I would get started in approaching your case.

If you’re ready to take the next step… it starts with a case review that begins with a complete review of your medical history. During this hour I’ll ask in-depth questions to trace back to the start of your problems, review existing lab results, and figure out which action steps can start making changes in your situation. The next visit I will explain what labs are necessary to determine the cause of your problems and I will provide a detailed overview of the plan and all costs associated with it.

You can sign up for your free consultation below. My assistant will then contact you to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Steve Hyjek has dedicated his career to helping people get healthy. By integrating a groundbreaking systems-oriented approach known as Functional Medicine with a Physical Medicine approach to healthcare, he has helped many people get well when other practitioners have failed. He has completed advanced training through The Institute for Functional Medicine and The Kalish Institute. He has been practicing for 12 years and specializes in helping clients reverse chronic conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Thyroid disease (especially Hashimoto’s disease), Adrenal fatigue, Digestive issues,  and Chronic pain.

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Don't Take Our Word For It...
These clients had life changing results.

"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Dr. Steve Hyjek. I came to Dr. Steve about two months ago with a new diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that I'd had for years. I was experiencing numbness and tingling in my face and hands. I was putting on extra weight although I hadn't changed my lifestyle. My energy was so low that I constantly needed a nap--and a lot of caffeine. I constantly felt like my brain was foggy and it was hard to concentrate. I had chronic neck pain that three other chiropractors and regularly massage therapy had done nothing to alleviate. I had bloating and digestive issues. And I was experiencing high levels of anxiety even though my life was relatively calm. Frankly put, I was a mess."

"Dr. Steve was very thorough in the tests he conducted before treating me--and I really appreciated that. Because of his thoroughness he discovered I had a parasite (yikes!) and a condition known as Adrenal Fatigue in addition to my Hashimoto's and PCOS. He also noticed my head was positioned an inch and a half forward of where it should be causing it to put 30 pounds of pressure on my neck (no wonder I had chronic pain!) Within 30 days of beginning treatment with Dr. Steve, my head was successfully moved back half an inch, reducing the pressure on my neck noticeably. My brain fog was completely gone, my anxiety greatly reduced, my numbness and tingling almost non-existent, and my energy levels so improved that my husband actually looked at me and said, "It's so nice to see you being who I always knew you were inside." I'd lost some weight too--and felt like an entirely new person in many ways."

"Because of the extent of my ailments, I will still be seeing Dr. Steve for a long time to come. But I couldn't go another day without singing his praises because after such a short amount of time I'm already beginning to feel better than I ever thought I could. If you're thinking of giving him a call, don't hesitate. Do it right now."

- Shannon P.

Dr. Steve has been my Functional Medicine doctor since April of this year.  I came to him because I was a diabetic suffering from peripheral neuropathy.  I had also suffered for years with acid reflux, bloating and stomach cramps and a poorly functioning thyroid.  Through supplements and dietary counseling I have reversed my diabetes, lost 50 lbs. and am off all medications for diabetes, neuropathy and acid reflux.  I feel better than I have in 20 years and have more energy than I have ever had, all thanks to Dr. Steve.  I highly recommend this caring, knowledgeable doctor.

- Wendy H.

"I am relatively new to the area and found Dr. Steve during a search for a Functional Medicine practitioner in Orange County. I worked for more than a year with endocrinologists, my GP and endured lots of tests. I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's and honestly these traditional practitioners were unable to help alleviate any of my symptoms. As a 53 year old woman, I came to Dr. Steve with chronic joint pain, low back pain, general edema, fatigue and insomnia. Within a couple of months I was close to symptom free for the first time in over 2 years! His approach to diagnosis and treatment was clear and easy to follow. I've always been skeptical about using supplements, but I can actually feel the benefits of the treatment program I've been on. I also appreciate how open to feedback Dr. Steve is - he doesn't force a particular approach if it isn't working for me. He is very well read and always seems headed to the latest training or is talking about some recent research that could have bearing on my treatment. Finally, I'd just like to say that Dr. Steve is one of the nicest people I've worked with in any capacity. I couldn't recommend him more, whether it's for a routine adjustment or a full workup."

- Andrea I.

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