Join our New Year's Fat Loss Challenge

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Zerona Fat
Loss Laser

Functional Medicine Based Detox Program

Whole Body Vibration

All of these approaches have proven to promote fat loss

Put them together and you may see the best fat loss you've ever experienced!

Here's how the program works

Schedule your Zerona Consultation

Meet with the doctor to determine your goals: how much fat you would like to lose and which areas you'd like to have targeted fat loss with the Zerona Fat Loss Laser

Take your measurements

Take your initial measurements to include size of waist, hips, thighs, and arms as well as body composition testing using BIA technology to assess pounds of fat, water, and muscle.

Get your detox and diet program

We will give you detailed instruction on your detox and diet program for the 30 days. This will included delicious recipes and smoothies using our diet.

Complete your 8 fat loss sessions

Your fat loss sessions will consist of a 40 minute Zerona Fat Loss Laser session followed by a 10 minute session on the whole body vibration platform.

Re-assess and celebrate

We will take all your measurements again to document your results. We are even going to offer prizes based on your results!

What type of results can you expect?

Functional Medicine Detox: We've seen our clients lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days
Zerona Fat Loss Laser: Level 1 clinical trials showed an average loss of 3.52 inches from hip, waist and thighs in only 2 weeks (1) 

Combine all three of these proven approaches and just imagine how good you will look in 30 days!

Here's everything that's included

Includes 8 Zerona Sessions (2x/week for 4 weeks)
Includes 8 vibration plate sessions (2x/week for 4 weeks) 
Includes 30 days of detox supplements (including 40 detox shakes)
Includes additional customized supplement recommendations based on your goals (these supplements not included in price)
Includes 30 day detox and diet strategy for fat loss
Includes before and after measurements including body fat measurements using  BIA technology

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Total value = over $2000