Dr. Steve Hyjek has dedicated his career to helping people get healthy. By integrating a groundbreaking systems-oriented approach to medicine known as Functional Medicine with a Physical Medicine approach focused on Chiropractic, low level laser, and corrective exercise, Dr. Steve has created a unique hybrid that utilizes the most advanced therapies available to achieve optimum wellness. He is leader in his field and through his private practice, community outreach, and public speaking he seeks to empower others to stop managing symptoms and start correcting the underlying causes of illness.

Dr. Steve always envisioned a career which would allow him to help significantly improve other people’s lives. As a young, aspiring athlete he became fascinated with nutrition and physical performance. He knew then that one day he would fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor, so he could assist people in living better and reaching higher levels of performance.

Early in his career, Dr. Steve had great success with chiropractic care helping people with neck pain, back pain, headaches and many other conditions such as digestive problems, sleep problems, and fatigue. However, there were many people who needed a more comprehensive approach in order to effectively resolve their health concerns. Most had been prescribed traditional lifestyle medications to treat their symptoms, while the source of the actual problem went untreated. Recognizing that in many cases prescription medication was simply masking symptoms while allowing the underlying source of the problem to worsen, Dr. Steve was inspired to find a better approach to healthcare in order to help people solve difficult health challenges without prescription drugs or surgery. This search led him to Functional Medicine, which has been transformational in his ability to help people with significant health challenges. Functional Medicine is a systems approach to healthcare with the goal of identifying and correcting the root cause of illness through specialized testing and personalized treatment programs. Through his work, Dr. Steve has seen Diabetes Type 2 reversed in 6 weeks; Polycystic Ovary Syndrome disappear after years of difficulty; decades of digestive problems come to an end; Autoimmune conditions turn around; while also having many cases get better within weeks even where other methods had failed entirely. Dr. Steve’s distinctive approach to total body wellness has helped men, women and children of all ages and in all stages of their careers achieve optimum health and a renewed quality of life.

The Functional Medicine Center was developed to provide personalized healthcare solutions to help individuals and families achieve better living through better health. Integrating Functional Medicine and Physical Medicine, Dr. Steve and his team utilize cutting edge solutions in their pursuit of real results. As a pioneer in the field of modern healthcare, Dr. Steve is actively sought out by discerning clientele who crave targeted, customized care.

Dr. Steve is a graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic, the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice program through the Institute for Functional Medicine, as well as the Kalish Method for Functional Medicine. He has also completed numerous programs and certifications in Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Applied Kinesiology, Whiplash Trauma, and various Chiropractic techniques.

Outside of his practice, Dr. Steve enjoys spending time with his wife Heather and 2 children, pursuing the latest advances in healthcare, and daydreaming about his next scuba diving vacation.

Advanced Programs and Certifications

Institute for Functional Medicine

  • Graduate of the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Program
  • GI Advanced Practice Module

Kharrazian Institute

  • Hashimoto’s Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  • Autoimmunity Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications

The Kalish Method for Functional Medicine

  • Adrenal Hormones, GI Health, Detoxification, Female Hormone Balancing, and Diet Coaching

Metabolic Fitness Pro

  • Blood Chemistry Interpretation
  • The Cell Blueprint

Apex Energetics

  • Mastering the Thyroid

Function Movement Screen (FMS) Certified

  • Completed Level 1 and Level 2 FMS Programs

Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology: Spine Research Institute of San Diego

  • Module 1: Whiplash: Advanced Topics – The Fundamental Science
  • Module 2: Advanced Treatment, Diagnostics, and Auto Crash Reconstruction
  • Module 3: Narrative Report Writing and Principles of Impairment Rating
  • Module 4: Medicolegal Fundamentals for Practitioners and Forensic Experts

Clinical Nutrition Certification: Northwestern Health Sciences University

  • 48 Hour Nutrition Certificate Program

Integrating Kinesiology and Functional Medicine

  • 85 Hour Applied Kinesiology and Functional Medicine Program

Titleist Performance Institute

  • Level 1 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
  • Level 2 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor: Medical Professional

Creating Wellness Certification: Creating Wellness Alliance

  • Basic Creating Wellness Certification
  • Advanced Creating Wellness Certification

ProAdjuster Group

  • Proadjuster Technique Certification