False advertisements like in the image below are just one of the many reasons people are developing Diabetes Type 2 in record numbers. Don’t believe what you see on TV. Educate yourself on the truth!

Diabetes sucralose

Research published by the American Diabetes association in the journal “Diabetes Care” showed giving people Sucralose raised both blood glucose levels and insulin levels. Both of which contribute to Type 2 Diabetes. This is just one of the many damaging effects of artificial sweeteners. Sucralose also negatively alters the bacteria in your digestive system which is associated with insulin resistance and Diabetes. We recommend that you should never consume artificial sweeteners like Sucralose and Aspartame.

See links below for the research:

Sucralose Affects Glycemic and Hormonal Responses to an Oral Glucose Load


Splenda alters gut microflora


An Altered Gut Microbiota Can Predict Diabetes


Hope you enjoyed this post! Knowledge is power, if you use it.