The ArthroStim Instrument is perfect for those seeking a more gentle chiropractic adjustment that does not required any twisting or cracking. You simply lay face down on the table with the Arthostim Instrument placed on the misaligned vertebra and it produces gentle impulses in order to move the vertebra into proper alignment and restore proper motion.

The input created by the ArthroStim produces a barrage of nerve impulses, which the central nervous system can use to update its 'neural image' of targeted treatment areas. By utilizing the same mechanisms that the nervous system naturally uses to control biomechanics, corrections can be achieved using less force than traditional chiropractic adjustments.

The ease of use and efficiency of results permits the ArthroStim to be used in a variety of applications ranging in use from children to the elderly as well everyday patients to professional sports teams.

Many people prefer that we use the Arthrostim instead of the typical chiropractic adjustments due to its comfort and ease of use.

See the Arthrostim in action with motion X-ray