The Functional Medicine Center in Irvine was founded by Dr. Steve Hyjek to provide comprehensive natural healthcare solutions using testing, treatments, and therapies that are are truly on the next level. Your first visit will begin with a consultation so Dr. Steve can learn about the individual challenges you are experiencing. By spending quality time listening to your history and assessing the lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors that have shaped your health, we are then able to perform precisely the right tests to identify and treat the root of your problem.

Offering a wide variety of services including Functional Medicine, Advanced Functional Lab Testing, Chiropractic care utilizing traditional and low-force Chiropractic techniques, Clinical Nutrition, Low-Level Laser therapy, Thai Massage and Sports Medicine, The Functional Medicine Center helps men, women, and families in all stages of life. Designed for client’s who desire real solutions and real results, The Functional Medicine Center is Orange County California’s premier destination for modern healthcare.

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